Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Yeay to my first post! :p

My boyfriend ‘s birthday is coming up very soon, that is why i post easy stuffs to even make the birthday present prettier. And all you need is just paper sheets. Yes, origami. This Japanese paper folding technic is interesting, fun, and ofcourse, cheap. My boyfriend made me origami cranes for my birthday last September. Fyi, in Japan there is a tradition of folding 1000 cranes. Those cranes symbolize the patience of couple to maintain their relationship.

I made all my origami based on tutorial on youtube. I’ll give you the best tutorial (as for me) that is really easy to follow. it’s amazing how you can create so many different shapes from a piece of paper! Yeay for origami! :D

Those are my present: a colorful tiger tee and a black work shirt because soon enough he will be graduated and hopefully would be a great public accountant. I dont know if he likes the tee or not, but I think it’s cute, because I often say “Go get them, tiger!” to him (pretending to be Marry Jane. ..Zzzz)

I love this origami. It is called magic rose cube origami. You can change the cube to into a rose! surprises! You will need 3 pieces of green folding papers and 3 pieces of red folding papers. This is the tutorial: Origami Magic Rose

I made 6 pieces of lilies consist of 3 yellow lilies and 3 orange lilies, then I combine the yellow and the orange. So i have 3 stems of lilies, or maybe not lilies by then, which the number symbolized the month March, month when I said yes to him. Well, those are the result. The link: Origami Lily

I kinda bored with crane, so i folded hearts and butterflies. I made 20 hearts and 10 butterflies. they are symbolized 2010, the year we first met and of course officially be a couple. Follow the tutorial: winged heartOrigami HeartOrigami Lycaena dispar butterflyOrigami Polyommatus Bellargus Butterfly

In addition: Origami Twitter Bird! No purpose on making that. I just being random.

A Origami Ring! He should be the one who made this. But i am being nice, so i wrote on a note to him: “You can use it on the day you propose me someday.. If you really that stingy. ”

I was making the people chain then i found idea from browsing a wedding blog to dress it up. I Just used the paper from old magazines to make the dress, the boy’s clothes, and also the hair. Draw 2 dots for the eyes and a line for the mouth and the people chains are done. In addition, I cutted a sheet of paper into 6 pieces with the same size for the card, made a paper ring, then place them as you can see from the picture. If you don't know how to make people chain, you can read this: People Chain

If you wondering how i made the box? I dont know. Don't get yourself into too much trouble, just buy it. I was planning to make a box by myself, then one day I walked at a mall, i saw it in a gift store, then I bought it. Anyway, i just put all my present and my origamis in it, and voila.. my present is ready to be given to my R!

Last but not least, to be a part of my present is a birthday card. I made this card, I think it fit to be called a love letter even more :p For the tutorial of making this cute crane envelope, here is the link: Origami Envelope       I just added a red heart papercut, wrote down the sentence and my love letter is done!

And woah, the biggest part! Birthday wont be complete without the birthday cake. It was my first trial of making a cake. It even dont look like a birthday cake. Anyway, I just tested how to make butter cake with cocholate melted and oreo in the middle. Based on the interview with my parents, the result was: OISHII. It smells heavenly and tastes good! My first trial is succesful. I’m going to make the real one on the H-day, with the complete design, a two layers of cake with a square butter cake as the base and the R shaped chocolate cake on it. Wish me luck!

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